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You'll find encouragement in these lessons as Ken Gurley shares timeless principles and presents direction for not only surviving setback, but letting it mold you into a thriving Christian. Download the Small Group Facilitator's Guide here. For Churches.

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Sign In. Get Access. The Point of Low Points Disappointment, hurt, and hardship visit us all. Play Now. Episodes: 6. Share on. Related Content Music.

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Use iTrackBites if you're wanting to do a different Weight Watchers program other than Freestyle, and calculate your points via that app. Check out my Apps Like Weight Watchers post to get an idea on how different ones work and which I think is the best. Points are based on a serving size of 2 tablespoons.

Serve with low point ranch: buffalo cauliflower bites. You can order them here. Be sure to check Amazon for deals on more than one bottle because single bottles can get expensive! The best part about SkinnyGirl? A close second in the winner of low point dressings: Walden Farms.

Their low-calorie dressings are zero points. They also have zero point syrups and mayo! So be sure to scan while in-store to be sure. Bolthouse Farms was another brand that was frequently mentioned when I asked about low point dressing recipes and ideas.

The Point of Low Points

After tasting them, I can see why! Their low-calorie dressings are made with a yogurt base, but even if you aren't a fan of yogurt you may like them because they're full of flavor. I haven't personally tried OPA dressings by LiteHouse yet but after seeing all of the amazing reviews in the group, I'm going to! Trader Joe's has its very own brand of low point dressings! What you didn't know? Some of us need to watch our sodium, so I searched and found some low sodium, low point dressings.

Many of these dressings are low carb, in addition to being low calorie and low point. If you're doing Keto and Weight Watchers , be sure to check the carb count before buying! Look for dressings with no sugar added.

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If they're zero points, chances are they're going to be low carb. Carbs in dressings usually come from the sugar content.

I love making my own dressings and sauces like my famous zero point BBQ sauce! You can make your own low point dressings by mixing balsamic, lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs and spices. Keep the amount of oil low and your dressing will be 1 Freestyle SmartPoint. If you like a sweeter dressing, use a zero-calorie sweetener in place of sugar. Want something more natural? Use honey, but count the points 1 point per teaspoon.

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