Guide The Dealership: Murder Stalks Hawaii

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The Dealership
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the dealership murder stalks hawaii Manual

When the Baywatch gang find out that their jobs are in jeopardy due to budget cuts, everyone decide to volunteer as civilian lifeguards. At the same time on the beach, a couple named David and Julia is having a romantic time.

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When a man is seen drifting in the ocean, Matt and Stephanie are called in to rescue him. But as they are approaching the victim, a Coast Guard helicopter waves them away from the victim, and they rescue him instead. Matt rescues a woman from the ocean and tries to get her reacquainted with her dying father but she refuses; Stephanie falls for her Coast Guard partner. The team arrives to Los Angeles in order to place an underwater seismometer in the Malibu fault.

Stephanie agrees to be their safety officer, because she is in love with the team leader Reily Ferguson. Reily is an expert oceanographer and free-diver. Logan and Matt get into an argument after resuscitating a drowning girl. Gordon Jump guest stars. The big earthquake was a 7. While Stephanie is rescuing Max and Tom on the surface, Riley is trapped underwater under some rocks, Jackie is in big trouble as her trailer is about to go off the cliff and Mitch rescues Hobie in the garage just before the big heavy boat engine is about to fall down on him.

Mitch reunites with Gayle for Hobie's sake, but she changes her mind when Mitch leaves the wedding for a rescue; Matt is recommended for the Medal of Valor. Mitch and Stephanie enjoy a hour shift together and during their time on duty they have a deep heart-to-heart concerning the possibility of dating again. Logan earns the title "Rookie of the Year" after completing rookie school; Hobie's friend father, a dwarf, almost drowns while trying to save a girl and her dog.

A cynical, female FBI agent goes undercover as a lifeguard in Mitch's tower to catch an escaped convict. Guest star: Kathleen Kinmont. Treasure enthusiasts flock to the beach when a radio DJ announces a competition for hidden treasure, and Matt and C. Caroline is called to rescue a man who claims to have seen his daughter drowning in the ocean; a man's fiancee retains a crush on Mitch after a rescue 11 years ago. Matt teams up with a pro for a volleyball match; Garner faces his fears of singing in front of an audience; C.

As Christmas nears, Mitch and Tracy fall in love. Mitch and Hobie let a lost boy stay with them during the holidays, only to discover he's a girl, and she's a con artist. Matt suspects that a group of vacationing little people are really Santa's elves. At Christmas, Mitch tries to reunite Joey with her mother; C. Logan and Gator take on Matt and Barnett in a rubber ducky contest; Mitch and Tracy become romantically involved, but she keeps a personal secret from him. Stephanie ponders whether to travel the world with her boyfriend Riley.

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A ship is seen off the shore and it is a woman named Coral. They meet her and all goes well. Stephanie confronts Coral after seeing her load explosives on her boat. The two begin to fight.

After a brief scuffle, Coral is too strong as she overpowers Stephanie and knocks her unconscious. She ties up Stephanie's helpless body. Will she succeed in her evil plan? Mitch discovers that Tracy is terminally ill and tries to make the best of their short time together; Logan and Caroline confront two reckless drivers. Hobie seeks advice from a radio station on how to help ease his father's pain over losing Tracy; Caroline saves a person who has AIDS. Logan has recurring flashbacks of a traumatic childhood incident; after his father dies, Mitch learns that his father appreciated his job as a lifeguard.

Andy Jamieson, a part-time sheriff and an old friend of Mitch's, arrives at Baywatch wanting to fill out some time as a part-time lifeguard. But Mitch disapproves of Andy's ways at man-handling two belligerent vagrants that harass beach goers. Meanwhile, Logan tells Caroline that he's annulling his marriage to the heiress and asks a reluctant Stephanie for help to acquire a green card fast.

John D. Cort returns to Baywatch, homeless and depressed, but finds a purpose for living when the potential donor of a young leukemia patient is reported missing. Mitch is injured as he attempts to track down the sister of a girl he rescued only to find out that the woman he rescued is pregnant and cannot return to China for fear of losing the child.

Kaye hires Molly, a young Englishwoman panhandling on the beach, as a singing waitress at the Sandy Cay Cafe to boost business. Meanwhile, British daredevil stuntman Richard Branson arrives to set a new world record by water skiing from behind a blimp and Mitch and Matt have to handle the safety for the event. Also, Stephanie begins to get on Caroline's nerves once again when Stephanie tries to keep Caroline in check from making mistakes as a rookie.

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A new lifeguard named Neely Capshaw has been transferred to Baywatch from Huntington. She ask if she can work with Matt so that he can train her in basic procedures. In their tower, Neely comes on to Matt but he rejects her telling her about his relationship to C. Later when Matt arrives to Neely's tower she is nowhere to be seen, so Matt is forced to rescue a little girl in trouble. Mitch and his crew face a desperate situation when an old mine collides with an offshore oil rig, causing it to explode and sink into the ocean depths. Mitch and company must fight their way out of the collapsed oil platform that has sunken to the bottom of the sea while rescue teams attempt to lift it up to the surface.

The lifeguards must save a blind boy trapped in a forest fire.


Mila Kunis guest stars. A surfer gets ill after surfing in water polluted by E. Coli and it's up to the Baywatch team to solve the problem. Special guest appearance by The Beach Boys.

Mitch's mother visits and it is discovered that she has Alzheimer's disease; Cody trains for the Olympics. Hobie and his friends almost drown while surfing in a dangerous part of the beach; Caroline befriends an ex-jockey who is pretending to be blind. From headquarters, Caroline sees that the local surfers are getting territorial again. When Mitch is forced to make a rescue, the locals and the victim's friend end up in a fight, but Logan breaks up the fight.

Logan is still pursuing his business venture of Aussie swimwear and he has an important meeting with a major clothing manufacturer.

Matt Brody returns to Baywatch to try to make up his lost relationship with C. But things take an unexpected turn when a group of ruthless modern day pirates take a millionaire couple hostage and place them under water on the wreck of the sunken oil platform with handcuffs and air for six hours.