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  4. Tearful Gareth Thomas feared HIV was 'darkness and death' and he couldn't hug his niece
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Feral Domicile. Boyd Chubbs. Fear may cause someone to experience an enhanced perception of space and time, or their senses of sight, hearing, and smell may be heightened.


Tearful Gareth Thomas feared HIV was 'darkness and death' and he couldn't hug his niece

In life-threatening situations, fear can also reduce the ability to notice fine detail while increasing the capacity to distinguish large or blurry objects. An example of how fear can affect perception may be when a camper notices a grizzly bear. The camper is not likely to focus on small details such as specific markings or other characteristics that distinguish the bear.

You may experience a variety of physical responses when experiencing fear, such as:. Psychological effects of fear can include intrusive or distracting thoughts, loss of focus, and confusion. People may also experience a variety of emotional effects, including terror, anxiety , anger , despair, numbness, or helplessness. Fear has been linked with numerous behavioral and mental health concerns. For example, anxiety issues generally involve some measure of fear of a future event or occurrence.

People who hold on to ideas that frighten them and those affected by hallucinations or delusions may also experience high levels of fear.

Previously Feared Darkness

People affected by negative moods may become afraid of certain events such as death, breakup , loss , or failure. Some people may even experience a type of fear known as a phobia, which may be described as an intense and sometimes irrational fear of a specific place, object, or animal. The fear one experiences with a phobia is often disproportionate to the threat of the thing feared. If you experience ongoing or debilitating fear, it may help to meet with a therapist or counselor.

Therapy can help you discover whether your fear is caused by an underlying mental health issue or allow you to address and work through what is causing you to feel afraid. Mental health professionals who meet our membership requirements can take advantage of benefits such as:. Get Listed Login. Get Help Learn About.

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Overcoming Fear. Contents v Fear Overcoming Fear. What Causes Fear? Some stimuli commonly reported to cause fear include: Public speaking Flying in an airplane Being alone The unknown Failure Being rejected Confrontation Aggression, violence, or war A phobia , or a fearful reaction that is disproportionate to the possible danger, is a type of fear that may interfere with one's ability to function.