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She gives all her input in doing the household chore. However, it is sad to see that the woman is not magnified as her husband.

Penelope Fitzgerald's papers acquired by British Library

Rather, she is completely forgotten. Everybody calls the husband brave. But, it is to be noted that via doing all these things managing the home alone, she protrudes the quality of bravery. The poem is a metaphorical one that points to the character of Penelope. However, the woman is not any less brave.

In Dust I Sing - An Annotated Presentation - ghazal #57 Francis Brabazon

She is an epitome of fidelity. While King Odysseus was away, her suitors persuaded her for marriage. Thus the poem speaks of the pain of the woman and the hypocrisy of the society that only the husband is personified. The wonderful deeds of a woman, the wife is neglected. Thus she says that only King Odesses is considered brave.

Pliny the Elder: the Natural History

The central theme of the poem deals with the pathos of a woman, the wife Penelope that her deeds are neglected. It is seen that from the earlier era, women are subjugated. Even now, we see that the deeds of men are magnified where as women are dominated over. The theme deals with the pain that a woman faces on the subjugation of her deeds. She does all the household work while her husband is away, remains faithful by keeping her suitors away, brews her coffee, threads and performs all her duties.

Yet, the society keeps her away and praises only her husband.

General conventions:

This is the grievance that she portrays. The tone is one of anger and sarcasm. First, the woman praises her husband for all her deeds.

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Indeed, King Odesses was a person who won over the world with his wit, intelligence, bravery. However, the wife Penelope has also remained faithful and loyal to her husband.

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