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Strategic In addition, our appellate attorneys employ the unique insights gained from their interactions with the appellate courts to support trial counsel in the development and prosecution of dispositive pre-trial motions, in the strategic legal research and analysis of complex and first-impression issues and in the development of effective trial strategies and tactics.

High Standards Our appellate attorneys are dedicated to their professional mission. They adhere to high standards of excellence, efficiency and client-oriented service.

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Their cumulative experience encompasses hundreds of cases and spans all areas of our firm's wide-ranging litigation fields. State-of-the-Art Our appellate attorneys employ state-of-the-art word-processing, computer-assisted legal research programs and in-house publishing facilities to enhance productivity, quality control and cost efficiencies. Instructive Our appellate attorneys also provide instructive seminars and other presentations to enhance clients' understandings of the complexities and intricacies of post-trial and appellate practice.

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William E. Christie | Attorney Profiles

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Skip to main content. Search form Search. Attorneys Practices Our Firm. Home Contact Us Subscribe Careers. Appellate Advocacy and Post-Trial Practice. Our appellate attorneys were retained shortly before trial. The collision injured three members of a The plaintiff was a passenger in a car struck by a bullet Marshall Dennehey's appellate attorneys filed an amicus curiae brief for the Pennsylvania Defense Institute in a case in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously upheld the reversal of a multimillion dollar verdict against an electric Successfully represented a Maryland government agency before the Delaware Supreme Court.

The matter had been dismissed at the trial court level based on lack of personal jurisdiction. On appeal, the plaintiffs reasserted personal jurisdiction In a case handled by Marshall Dennehey's appellate attorneys, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court voted 6 -0 to affirm a judgment as a matter of law for our clients, a Pennsylvania police department and its officers, and held that police owe neither Successfully defended an appeal on behalf of a police officer before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Won a unanimous victory in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a case involving the standard for prejudice that an insurer must meet to deny coverage based upon late notice of a "phantom vehicle" claim. The Supreme Court upheld the Won a unanimous victory in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court whereby the Court reinstated a long-standing statutory employer defense for general contractors and others who are sued in tort for injuries to subcontractors' employees.

Appeal results in multimillion-dollar asbestos verdict reversal. Marshall Dennehey's appellate attorneys convinced the Pennsylvania Superior Court to reverse a multimillion-dollar asbestos verdict on two bases and remand for a new trial on liability and damages. In its panel decision, the Superior Defense Digest, Vol.

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This publication is not intended to provide New life breathed into choice-of-law analysis: Travel from there to Pennsylvania for the events at issue gives Pennsylvania the greater interest in the application of its law. New Jersey residents placed their disabled adult son at a residential care facility located in Pennsylvania. Costs were borne by the local New Jersey school district in which the parents lived, but when the son attained age 21, the source of funding This publication is not intended to provide legal advice This publication is not intended to provide legal Untimely request for permissive appeal of class certification ruling deemed dead on arrival.

The district court certified a plaintiff class in the case but later reconsidered and decertified the class. Under Federal Rule 23 f , the named plaintiff would have had 14 days to seek review of that decertification order in the court of appeals Retrieved 12 May Summary Judgment". United States Courts. Retrieved 1 November January 1, Federal Judicial Center. California Men's Colony , U. United States Fire Insurance Co. Huffington Post. Retrieved 16 January Above the Law. Washington Post.

October 25, Archived from the original PDF on Smith , U. American Civil Liberties Union.

Pursuing Truth and Transparency in America's Food System

Archived from the original PDF on 2 June Stypmann, et al. Kane, U. Archived from the original PDF on 8 June Law Library Journal. The New York Times. Retrieved 22 March Ehrler , U. Kangas , F. DeBartoli , F. Tuttle , F. Robinson , F. Crowell , F. Atlanta , F.

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Snow , F. Parratt , F. Rednour , 97 F. Blum , F. Tenet , U. Judgment; Costs". Vice, , U. Lexis ". August 31, District Court". Archived from the original PDF on 26 December ABA Journal. New York: William Morrow. United States Sixth Amendment case law. Speedy Trial Clause. Klopfer v. North Carolina Barker v.

Wingo Doggett v. United States Betterman v. Montana Public Trial Clause. In re Oliver Presley v. Georgia Cheff v. Schnackenberg Duncan v. Louisiana Blanton v. North Las Vegas Reynolds v.

United States Glasser v. United States Irvin v. Dowd Sheppard v. Maxwell Witherspoon v. Illinois Ham v. South Carolina Adams v. Texas Wainwright v. Witt Morgan v. Illinois Skilling v. United States McDonnell v. United States Walton v.


Arizona Almendarez-Torres v. United States Jones v. United States Apprendi v. New Jersey Ring v.