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This is a wonderful book to own, to return to often, and to give as a gift! Another amazing Sidman creation. Thank you for sharing her words "The you underneath the you". Powerful and lovely. Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit the ever-inspiring Anastasia Suen at Poet! Here are three of my favorites though I totally could have selected 3 entirely different ones.

Much to love here! I asked my legs why they buckled and fell and they said, We are growing roots. I asked my fingers why they had loosened their grip on the world and they said, It is too hard to hold.

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We are gathering clouds instead. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading What the Heart Knows Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

My favourite books "Rainbow Magic"💖😍

Have A Picnic. More stuff She makes the poems deeper and sweeter. It is a lovely book, Irene.

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How adult stem cells differentiate into different cell types remains one of the most intriguing questions in regenerative medicine. Pioneer factors are transcription factors that can bind to and open chromatin, and are among the first elements involved in cell differentiation.

We used the freshwater planarian Schmidtea mediterranea as a model system to study the role of the gata family of pioneer factors in gut cell differentiation during both regeneration and maintenance of the digestive system. Our findings reveal the presence of two members of the gata family in the Schmidtea mediterranea genome; Smed -gata and Smed -gata Our results show that Smed -gata is the only ortholog with a gut cell-related function. Smed -gata is essential for the differentiation of precursors into intestinal cells and for the survival of these differentiated cells, indicating a key role in gut regeneration and maintenance.

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Furthermore, tissues other than the gut appear normal following Smed -gata RNA interference RNAi , indicating a gut-specific function. Importantly, different neoblast subtypes are unaffected by Smed -gata RNAi , suggesting that 1 Smed -gata is involved in the differentiation and maintenance, but not in the early determination, of gut cells; and 2 that the stem cell compartment is not dependent on a functional gut. Additionally, we studied two patients from Algerian and Pakistani ancestry and the parents of the first Jewish patients reported.

The position of the Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 DDR2 gene within the candidate region and the similarity of the ddr2 knockout mouse to the SMED patients' phenotype prompted us to study this gene 6. We identified three missense mutations c. The results of this study will permit an accurate early prenatal diagnosis and carrier screening for families at risk. The position of the Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 DDR2 gene within the candidate region and the similarity of the ddr2 knockout mouse to the SMED patients' phenotype prompted us to study this gene6.

Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole is the first-line antimicrobial combination for Stenotrophomonas maltophilia infections. However, allergy or intolerance and increasing resistance limit the use of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. Quinolones can be used as an alternative therapeutic option, but resistance can emerge rapidly during therapy.

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Nonduplicate clinical isolates of S. To determine which antimicrobials were affected by smeD overexpression, the growth rates of a levofloxacin-susceptible S.

Significant relationships between sme gene overexpression and resistance were observed for smeD against levofloxacin, smeC and smeF against ceftazidime, and smeC against ticarcillin-clavulanate. The mean MICs of moxifloxacin and tigecycline did not significantly differ for isolates with or without overexpression of smeB, smeC, and smeF, but were significantly higher for isolates with smeD overexpression. These data suggest that the expression of smeD plays a role in levofloxacin resistance in S. Freshwater planarians are able to regenerate any missing part of their body and have extensive tissue turnover because of the action of dividing cells called neoblasts.

Neoblasts provide an excellent system for in vivo study of adult stem cell biology. Smed -CHD4 was required for the formation of these neoblast progeny cells. Together, these results indicate that Smed -CHD4 is required for neoblasts to produce progeny cells committed to differentiation in order to control tissue turnover and regeneration and suggest a crucial role for CHD4 proteins in stem cell differentiation.

In March , Wenyi Wang , Ph. Compressing random microstructures via stochastic Wang tilings. This Rapid Communication presents a stochastic Wang tiling-based technique to compress or reconstruct disordered microstructures on the basis of given spatial statistics. Unlike the existing approaches based on a single unit cell, it utilizes a finite set of tiles assembled by a stochastic tiling algorithm, thereby allowing to accurately reproduce long-range orientation orders in a computationally efficient manner. Although the basic features of the method are demonstrated for a two-dimensional particulate suspension, the present framework is fully extensible to generic multidimensional media.

Lin and Wang have introduced a quadratic version of the logrank test, appropriate for situations in which the underlying survival distributions may cross. In this note, we generalize the Lin- Wang procedure to incorporate weights and investigate the performance of Lin and Wang 's test and weighted versions in various scenarios. We find that weighting does increase statistical power in certain situations; however, none of the procedures was dominant under every scenario.

Wang Fengchun was a noted doctor in Beijing, but there were a lot of discrepancies and errors about the chronicle of Wang 's life in the literatures. This article was a textual research on the chronicle of Wang Fengchun's life, such as the date of birth, the time when migrated to Beijing, and the number of years practised medicine in Beijing, mostly based on the Bo Lu Yi An. Spondylo-meta-epiphyseal dysplasia SMED with short limbs and abnormal calcifications SMED -SL is a rare, autosomal recessive human growth disorder, characterized by disproportionate short stature, short limbs, short broad fingers, abnormal metaphyses and epiphyses, platyspondyly and premature calcifications.

Recently, three missense mutations and one splice-site mutation in the DDR2 gene were identified as causative genetic defects for SMED -SL, but the underlying cellular and biochemical mechanisms were not explored. Here we report a novel DDR2 missense mutation, c. Another DDR2 missense mutation, c. DDR2 is a plasma membrane receptor tyrosine kinase that functions as a collagen receptor. We expressed DDR2 constructs with the identified point mutations in human cell lines and evaluated their localization and functional properties. We found that all SMED -SL missense mutants were defective in collagen-induced receptor activation and that the three previously reported mutants p.

TI, p. IR and p. RC were retained in the endoplasmic reticulum. The novel mutant p. EK , in contrast, trafficked normally, like wild-type DDR2, but failed to bind collagen. This finding is in agreement with our recent structural data identifying Glu as an important amino acid in the DDR2 ligand-binding site. Our data thus demonstrate that SMED -SL can result from at least two different loss-of-function mechanisms: namely defects in DDR2 targeting to the plasma membrane or the loss of its ligand-binding activity.

Ali, Bassam R. The Wang -Landau Sampling Algorithm. Standard methods sample the probability distribution for the states of the system, usually in the canonical ensemble, and enormous improvements have been made in performance through the implementation of novel algorithms.

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Nonetheless, difficulties arise near phase transitions, either due to critical slowing down near 2nd order transitions or to metastability near 1st order transitions, thus limiting the applicability of the method. We shall describe a new and different Monte Carlo approach [2] that uses a random walk in energy space to determine the density of states directly. Once the density of states is estimated, all thermodynamic properties can be calculated at all temperatures.

This approach can be extended to multi-dimensional parameter spaces and has already found use in classical models of interacting particles including systems with complex energy landscapes, e. Ebooks and Manuals

Landau and K. Binder Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, Fugao Wang and D.

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Landau, Phys. E64, We used the 2D Ising model to show that one can initiate all WL simulations using the outputs of an advanced WL level from a previous simulation. We showed that up to the seventh WL level f6 the simulations are not biased yet and can proceed to any value that the simulation from the very beginning would reach. As a result the initial WL levels can be simulated just once. It was also observed that the saving in CPU time is larger for larger lattice sizes, exactly where the computational cost is considerable.

Smed -SmB, a member of the LSm protein superfamily, is essential for chromatoid body organization and planarian stem cell proliferation. Planarians are an ideal model system to study in vivo the dynamics of adult pluripotent stem cells. However, our knowledge of the factors necessary for regulating the 'stemness' of the neoblasts, the adult stem cells of planarians, is sparse.