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  3. Greggs is selling these bat biscuits for Halloween and they cost 85p each
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  5. The devastating, tragic story of The Allman Brothers Band
Ghost Stories and Tales from In and Around State College

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  • Watch Gregg Sulkin and Laura Marano Get Their Sh*t Handed to Them by a Ouija Board!
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Greggs is selling these bat biscuits for Halloween and they cost 85p each

Why I rejected the family business to purse my own career path. Obamacare early sign-ups plunge amid pending court ruling. Mark Ruffalo would be interested in setting up Jennifer Aniston. A nation in turmoil: What's next for Bolivia? It won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program and was also the subject of an illustrated children's book adaptation. Garfield is awakened early in the morning by the obnoxious Binky the Clown Show and learns that it is Halloween , becoming excited about trick-or-treating.

He tricks Odie into thinking dogs are required to trick-or-treat with cats and give almost all of their candy to them, save one piece of candy for the dog. Odie is tempted by the minimal reward, and the two head for the attic to find costumes in an old trunk.

16 Seriously Scary Stories ― Creepypasta Reddit Horror Story Compilation ― Best of 2015

After considering a number of options, Garfield decides he and Odie will be pirates. Jon Arbuckle gives them sacks and tells them to have a good time and not be out too late. They head out trick-or-treating amongst children in the neighborhood. When Odie expresses fear, Garfield assures him the scary characters they see are only children in costumes, only to lift some of the costumes and discover the characters are actually supernatural. At the end of the evening, they arrive on a dock and Garfield decides to cross the river on a row boat to visit more houses.

When Garfield tells Odie to put out the oars , Odie misinterprets the command and throws the oars overboard, leaving the boat adrift as the current takes it down the river. Soon the boat arrives at an abandoned dock near a run-down mansion. They venture inside the home, thinking it is deserted, but are startled to find an old man sitting in an armchair. The man relates a story that exactly years ago, pirates, pursued by government troops, buried their treasure in the floor of the mansion and signed a blood oath to return for the treasure at midnight years later, even if it meant rising from the grave.

The old man says he was the pirates' year-old cabin boy.


Garfield and Odie start to leave and Garfield asks the man if he wants to come too, but the old man has disappeared. The man steals their boat and leaves the two pets behind. The longcase clock chimes midnight and Garfield and Odie watch as a ghostly ship materializes on the river and pirate ghosts emerge from the water. Garfield and Odie hide in an empty cupboard as the ghosts reclaim their buried treasure from the floorboards of the house.

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  6. As the cat and dog stay where they are, Odie sneezes and alerts the ghosts to their whereabouts. Making a run for it, Garfield and Odie jump into the river to escape, where Odie has to save Garfield as he cannot swim. Garfield and Odie wash ashore and find their boat with the candy still inside and untouched.

    The devastating, tragic story of The Allman Brothers Band

    They go home happy and Garfield repays Odie's rescue by reluctantly giving him his rightful share of the candy. Phil Roman , who previously directed Garfield specials Here Comes Garfield and Garfield on the Town , founded his own company called Film Roman to continue producing the specials. Garfield in Disguise was one of the first specials he made under his own company, after Garfield in the Rough. Lindsay Workman was cast as the voice, having previously voiced Garfield's grandfather in Garfield on the Town.

    Producer Lee Mendelson chose Workman, searching for a deep voice. The animation was carried out in Indiana , with Davis saying animators sought to achieve a "swirly, cross-dissolve" effect to portray the ghosts. Workman's character was designed to emphasize his advanced age, with one staff artist urging the addition of warts and different-looking eyes.

    A page illustrated book adaptation was published in by Random House Publishing Group , [8] originally under the title Garfield in Disguise and later retitled Garfield's Halloween Adventure. It includes an alternate ending in which Garfield steals a ring from the pirates' treasure, resulting in the ghosts pursuing the protagonists back to the Arbuckle house, where Garfield surrenders the ring. The special was included on the DVD The Garfield Holiday Collection on November 4, , sold only by Walmart , and was also made available for digital download on November 11 that year.

    In , Rick Sherwood of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called the special "a charming story" and Garfield "the classic kitty". In a roundtable, The A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.