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Dschinghis Khan
  1. Zum Feuerkultus bei den Mongolen
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The Royal Air Force and the US bombing fleet took three years to halfway master the technique of airborne fire bombing: the preparation of an inextinguishable inner city fire. Heute geht alles einfacher; man kann es auch kaufen. Nebenan lagen Kasachstan und Iran. Das ist zu kurz und zu wenig.

Four fifths of Japanese victims were buried without being identified. Shigenori, military air defence commander, wrote: "Countless bodies, clothed and naked, black as coal, were floating in the dark waters of the Sumida River. It was unreal. They were dead people, but you couldn't tell if they were men or women. You couldn't even tell if the objects floating past were arms, legs or burnt wood. People ran from the burning zones with their belongings strapped to their backs, failing to notice when these caught fire. One mother slung her baby over her shoulder and only noticed when she stopped to catch her breath that the child was engulfed in flames.

Those who jumped into the water were no better off. The liquid was bubbling like the air, and the swimmers cooked in it. Had the Hiroshima bomb hit Tokyo instead, there would have been four times the number of dead. Theoretically, 1, bombers each loaded with 10 tonnes of conventional munition could also have achieved , dead, but it would have been more laborious and far less certain of success. The difference between the methods of destruction is, put simply, that nuclear weapons themselves produce the pressure and heat energy that pulverises buildings, sears people and generates fire.

The combination of burning and explosion in conventional operations takes a less direct path via the materials of the city. These must react to the various impulses of the finely tuned munition: roofs are torn up, windows shatter. The stone facades must channel the heat down to the foundations where the people are cowering. There were cities like Berlin that did not work right. The width of the streets, the firewalls, the abundance of greenery and canals opposed the fire-injections and responded wrong.

But Dresden's narrow streets, decorative old town and wooden buildings fed the fires according to plan.

Zum Feuerkultus bei den Mongolen

The carefully selected triangle between the Ostragehege park and the main railway station functioned as a "fire-raiser". The old cities, bent with age, testimonies to the distant past, were best suited to such attacks. For the allied fire bomb strategists, the study of their material composition was a science in itself.

This sort of thing requires thoroughness.

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Only real Japanese floor matting can be used, only the right number of real German toys in the German house. More woollen coats are stored in Germany than in Japan, in solid cupboards of oak, pine and beech. How many books, which curtains, what type of cushions? The German roof beams provide the crowning touch. Then the practise can start.

Es war irreal. Dies Element brodelte wie die Luft, und die Taucher wurden darin gekocht. The practise is a success when the right combustibles meet the right materials.

That is the most difficult part, because it has to be carried out from four kilometres up in the night sky. Red and green lights mark the death zone as if drawn with a coloured pen. The oncoming squadron crosses a designated point, in Dresden a sports field. That is the hinge.

When the point is crossed, the aeroplanes fan out from each other, to the north-east and the south-east. Each plane breaks off at its own angle, and knows a distance measured in seconds from the hinge, called the overshoot. Each pilot is allotted a different overshoot.

Download e-book Die Mongolen: Von Dschingis Khan bis heute (Becksche Reihe) (German Edition)

When it shows on the display, the bomb bay opens. The fan flies at three altitudes. With exact wind calculation, the munition from all three altitudes fall in parabolic trajectories over the target segment, equally distributed. When an air force has achieved such a feat, it does not ask too probingly whether mass destruction is worthwhile from military perspective.

There's nothing wrong in showing what you can do. What does not count now will count later, and then it should be done well. One can only rehearse for future wars in current ones.

That hardens people in a different way. When soldier Jack Couffer walked among the houses of the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah in , which, according to the Air Force "correspond to the type of housing in which 80 percent of the German industrial population lives", he started imagining things. It is easier to set a sterile place like that on fire if you whisk such fantasies away".

The coming air war was no longer to be won with scruples. Five years later Curtis Le May , warhorse in the campaigns over Germany and Japan and then head of the US Strategic Air Command, comforted himself with the thought that as there were no longer any civilians, there was no longer anyone to protect.

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Otherwise he could not have run the office that developed the "Reaper" and "Trojan" plans in — , in which atom bombs were to be dropped on 70 Russian cities causing 2. The plan was based on assessments General Le May had brought home from Japan. The aim of the strategy is to destroy the enemy's war-making potential. All that had to be obliterated. Some kind of drill press stuck out of every pile of rubble. The entire population was involved in building aeroplanes or war munition. Men, women and children. Nowadays you fight a people, not armed forces.

Four hundred would have been enough to wipe out a third of the Russian population, which was million in More would not be acceptable. As a result, 10 percent — a loss of 18 million — would be accepted. Jedem Piloten ist ein anderer overshoot gegeben. Weltkrieg abgeschlachtet. Mehr sei nicht hinnehmbar. Einstein had long lived in horror of his bomb, which was supposed to erase evil from the planet. It was evil itself and the evil was his creation. The special weapon against Hitler lost its addressee before it was ready. And already in November , secret service intelligence suggested that it was a false alarm.

The Germans were lagging way behind in these arts and would not achieve much more in this last of their foreseeable wars.

Warum die Mongolen Deutschland lieben

Both the same distance from Berlin. While the armies raced against each other to take Hitler's last bastions — the economic one in the Ruhr region and the political in Berlin - the atomic physicists were racing against the end of the war. It looked as though the military campaigns would be over before the bomb was ready. But these circumstances were being taken care of, one after another.

Like the Third Reich, the Empire of the Sun was militarily and economically knocked out, cut off from the sea and without a supply of oil, metal and foodstuffs. It was defenceless against Le May's fire attacks. Moreover, the US de-coding service, which had broken the diplomatic code to the Japanese Embassy in Moscow, reported breathlessly that Tokyo was imploring Stalin to intercede for peace.

The uranium bomb was also non-essential because the fire hurricanes were capable of equally respectable damage. Moreover, it had just been established in Germany that surgical strikes on oil lines and transport routes caused far more military damage. With the German fighters grounded for lack of fuel, attacks could be carried out with practically no losses.

This also made conventional mass destruction unnecessary. The relatively ineffective emergency stopgap would not, thankfully, be necessary; now there was something better. It was clear that the Allies would be victorious, Hitler and Albert Speer knew it as well.