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ASEAN - это Что такое ASEAN?

Guissou Jahangiri. In , she founded a unique Human Rights HR publishing house , books from Afghanistan and the region. In , Ms. Khalid Koser. Read More Hide More Dr. Khalid Koser is founding Executive Director of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, a public-private partnership dedicated to preventing violent extremism.

The Role of United Nations in Conflict Resolution and Peace building @ICCHNB 2015

He chairs the Board of Trustees for the sustainable development charity Raleigh International. Lawyer specialized in gender violence against women and protection mechanisms for women in situations of violence and femicide. Dominguez was part of the strategic litigation team that obtained the first precedent from the National Supreme Court of Justice regarding femicide and due diligence in its investigation and prosecution, in the case Mariana Lima.


He has influenced the implementation of the Declaration of Alert for Gender Violence in various states of the Mexican Republic. Ghada Rifai. Read More Hide More The Mobaderoon—Active Citizens of Syria is a network of over participants that works in the development sector and delivers training programs such as active citizenship, leadership in community development, building bridges and peacebuilding.

An architect by training, Ghada Rifai has worked in urban development since As a program manager with Syria Trust for Development her ability to work with different social groups, encouraging them to work together and participate in community development, was vital to achieving successful outcomes.

Rifai is a firm believer in the importance of cooperation between NGOs and private and public sectors having initiated cooperation projects between the Aleppo City Council and local NGOs. Christina Foerch Saab. In , she moved from Berlin to Beirut where she has been working as filmmaker, journalist and consultant for NGOs. She has specialized in issues such as the memory of the Lebanese civil war, ex-combatants, peace education, arms control and disarmament processes.

She is a co-founder of the Lebanese NGO Fighters for Peace, a non-profit organization that unites former ex-combatants from different political and sectarian backgrounds. Currently, she is the head of programs and international relations. Additionally, she has a certificate in biography work.

Emilie Tankora. Read More Hide More Emilie Tankora has been working on peacebuilding programming and initiatives in Niger for the past ten years. She is trained in mediation, conflict management and non-violent communication. She is currently working with Mercy Corps in Niger to develop a social cohesion program portfolio promoting a holistic approach in areas prone to violent extremism.

To counter violent extremism and increase resilience of the most vulnerable people, Mercy Corps is strengthening social cohesion between communities, combining development actions, research and learning-based programmatic approaches. Suchith Abeyewickreme i. Read More Hide More Suchith Abeyewickreme i s an international trainer on peacebuilding, inter-religious dialogue and ethics education with over 10 years of experience in diverse contexts. He is a trainer of Arigatou International's Learning to Live Together programme and has lead trainings in over 15 countries.

He also leads programmes on Buddhist approaches to conflict transformation in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Suchith is passionate about helping societies deal with conflicts non-violently and to further social healing. Brigitt Altwegg. Read More Hide More Brigitt Altwegg has been designing and facilitating dialogues and group conversations in her position as Programme Manager Trustbuilding with Initiatives of Change Switzerland since She also has over 15 years of experience in teaching rock climbing.

Irfan Amalee.

Altri titoli da considerare

He has published over 50 books, audios and videos including Encyclopedia for Muslim Kids, Islam for Kids, and 12 peace modules for kids. His website is: www. Ferdaouis Bagga. Policy Analyst for Africa with hthe U. Department of State conducting conflict analysis and research on Libya. Ferdaouis has an M. Abigail Lash Ballew.


ASEAN Way of Peacebuilding through Performing Arts, Community Building, and Humanitarian Operations

Abigail has practiced at the group, organization and community level through her work in program design, implementation and evaluation at nonprofit organizations. She has worked in race relations, refugee support services, adoption and child welfare as well as physical, intellectual and developmental disability services. Abigail is a graduate of the Caux Scholars Program and the Community Trustbuilding Fellowship and enjoys traveling with her partner, Joshua, visiting their wonderfully large family located across the globe.

Joshua Ballew. Most recently, he ran the statewide mediation program for Virginia state employees and also designed and implemented conflict resolution trainings. Before that, he worked for the Virginia Attorney General's Office resolving disputes between businesses and consumers. He now works with local, national, and international organizations to create healthy work environments, address difficult subjects and foster trustbuilding.

Daya Bhagwandas. Read More Hide More Daya Bhagwandas has been working in the field of neuro education for over 20 years with children and adults, linking brain development, human evolution and spiritual potential. Daya uses neuro sciences for transforming life and learning skills in primary and secondary schools in Australia and South Africa as well as in Malaysia, where neuro education is being adopted as a foundation program. Her work experience includes rehabilitating and healing trauma for child soldiers in Sri Lanka and at risk youth in Malaysia, who drop out of school and join crime gangs.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Chiranjibi Bhandari. He has been a peace practitioner for more than a decade contributing to grassroots initiatives and research work led by the government of Nepal and civil society actors. Bhandari played a key role in the peace process, especially in terms of management of arms and ex-combatants in Nepal. He has participated in a number of conflict transformation and peace building courses in the USA, while providing his expertise to significant research articles and a book chapter in the areas of conflict and post-conflict context in Nepal.

Iryna Brunova-Kalistska. Iryna Brunova-Kalisetska has 17 years of work experience in prevention, transformation and reconciliation of identity-based conflicts. During , Dr. Brunova-Kalisetska facilitated two long-term dialogue processes — on conflicts in the media community and with the Ministry of Education, including representatives of ethnic minorities to tackle language issues in the education sector. She has also been facilitating dialogues on memory conflict issues, migration and IDPs, Russian-Ukraine challenges, community and organizational conflicts.

Jannik Gresband. He is a certified coordinator in international project management in development cooperation and humanitarian assistance and holds a MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. For navigating the questions of international conflict transformation and peace work, he has lived, studied and worked in Southern Africa, South-East Asia and Central America. Therefore, creating safe social spaces for elicitive peace work for Jannik is key in individual and collective growth.

Dida Guigan. She continued her learning in Lebanon and Egypt with the support of the Swiss promoter Pro Helvetia, and over the course of four years immersed herself in many different singing techniques, languages and musical systems. For the last seven years she has accompanied and assisted choirs and individuals with personalized designed programs and workshops in Switzerland, Beirut Collectif Kahraba, 3a 7abl el Hawa and the music hub and the Emirates Emirates Foundation Youth Mentoring Platform.

She is regularly invited as a guest speaker on the subject of identity in different forms and contexts — artistic, physical and political. Abdulrazaq O.

Idayat Hassan. Prior to joining the CCD, Idayat was a deputy regional coordinator with the Movement Against Corruption in Nigeria, an organization that seeks to eradicate corruption and poverty in Nigeria. Since her admission to the Nigerian bar, Idayat has focused on legislative advocacy, legal reform, transparency and accountability, and the rights of vulnerable groups. Penuo Hiekha.

Read More Hide More Penuo Hiekha is an ardent believer of social transformation through personal change.