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Paper ed. The passengers included some ninety British children and their adult escorts, headed to the distant relatives and complete strangers who would shelter them throughout the duration.


Here Lewis recreates a fictionalized account of the evacuation and attack, seen mainly through the eyes of three child survivors. Introductory and closing notes provide extra historical background, and an author interview and list for further reading are included. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. No institutional affiliation. However, in the West women were becoming more equal socially, politically, and economically.

Amanda Lear discography

Thanks to the need for labor and services in the West, women were liberated to step into the world of commerce and become proprietors. Women were opening businesses that fulfilled needs such as laundry services, restaurants, boarding houses, tailoring, and male companionship. Brothels were very popular in this time and place. The rules were a little different on the new frontier. What made the Wild West so rough was the lack of rules. Some famous examples include Wyatt Earp and both of his wives Maggie and Josephine. In addition, some of these madams, or ladies of night, were very smart entrepreneurs that managed to build and manage very successful businesses.

That is not to say that prostitution was a glamorous job or that every woman triumphed.

Many lived rough lives, became dependent on alcohol and opiates, and experienced violent deaths. The old American West was a dangerous place, but for women it was even more so. They often had to make tough decisions and fight to survive in a world with weak laws and little protection. Venturing out on the new frontier was by no means an easy road. Life for women on the East coast was restrictive, yet there was a level of security. Those who left chose to break away from the rules of society.

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However that freedom came at a price, for the West was untamed and unsafe. It was wild and the type of woman that would take on this kind of adventure was strong by nature. Nonetheless that strength did not bode well for all. Many lived rough lives with stories that did not have a happy ending, but the ones able to survive and succeed became legends. These women were shocking, ruthless and to some, unladylike.

This lady was one of the boys. She was a tough, rebellious hard-drinking gun-slinger that often posed as a man. Her story is interesting, because she came out West as a child of 13 with her parents.

Amanda West | Answers On

Calamity Jane was known for her riding and gun skills, as well as for being a regular in the police courts and one of the few women allowed to drink in men-only saloons. Beyond her very checkered career, she also worked as a scout, fighting alongside men against the natives. Although she had a reputation of being an outlaw, a gambler and even a prostitute, she was also known as being kind and generous.

Despite dying with nothing, she was given a large funeral from those could appreciate her wild ways. Interestingly, she was brought up in a middle-class family and was educated. After falling for a gambler, Frederick Hart, her life became one struggle after another. In and out of her abusive relationship and bouncing from town to town, Pearl fought to survive. She was a cook for a boarding house and ran a brothel, among many other odd jobs.

She claimed to have robbed the stagecoach as an act of desperation to get enough money to see her ailing mother. For what it is worth, she would leave each member of the stagecoach a dollar before taking the rest. Somehow she was found not guilty in the robbery, but was convicted later of tampering with U. S Mail. Criminal by choice or by default, she admired strong women like Annie Oakley and listened to various women activists of her time.

After a young life of hardship, including near enslavement and abuse from a couple she was sent to work for, she ran away and entered a shooting competition at the age of 15, winning some money and the affection of her competitor, Frank Butler. Even after marriage Frank encouraged her to be a sharpshooter and both joined Buffalo Bill and Wild West Show in She became famous, inspiring women of her time and even performing for royalty and heads of state.