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  3. DVD 154 SCIENCE FICTION SPACE COMIC BOOKS Lot 2 Planet Comics Tom Corbett Sci Fi

The slam dunk evidence he presents is a picture he took from high atop a mountain. As a response Niel Degrasse Tyson, recorded a rebuttal rap with his nephew. I was rooting for Niel Degrass Tyson. I think most people reading about this on their facebook thought it was a funny story. But to me, I came away a little more sympathetic to BOB. He happens to be wrong, in my opinion, but he seems like a genuinely curious dude, not content to just sit around and read facts about the world from his armchair.

Jungle Comics - where men were men and women were HOT!

On the contrary, BOB seems willing to go out into the world to climb the highest mountain or take pictures from airplane windows, looking for evidence to overturn the status quo theory. In other words science. Science should be about the process of people actively seeking to learn about the world that we live in rather than a collection of truths.

I had a creationist friend once who said that Darwin was actually a known philanderer. That has no bearing on anything!!!

Boy Detective

The theory of evolution makes me proud to be a human. Not a simplified version of it with analogies but the actual thing in its whole. The idea of someone living their life from birth to death and never having been introduced to this idea is such a bummer, it makes me want to pick up my mic again and return to the stage. But I digress. Relatedly, can someone get BOB to draw a map of what he thinks the world looks like? Like many folks my age, I had a Dad who was a bit of a western junkie.

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As a kid, I never really understood why he liked them so much. But as I grew up I came to appreciate them more. Since my Dad died, I actually love going to westerns and imagining what my Dad would think. While transporting his bounty over some mountain pass to Redrock, he gets hit by a blizzard and has to take shelter with 8 other strangers.

I was really on the edge of my seat for most of the movie which is impressive considering the majority of it is just people talking in one room. One of the major themes of this movie was the idea of justice versus revenge. Kurt Russel is like the moral center of the movie. He has a strong sense of justice and instead of just killing his bounty, he wants to bring Daisy Domergue to Redrock to be hanged.

Samuel Jackson, not so much. And so on down the line. All the characters represent some point on the spectrum between complete nihilistic lawlessness as embodied by Domergue, to an enlightenment era ideal of civilized society as represented by the hangman or so we think with his posh British accent. So he tells Bruce Dern this long involved story about killing his son, hoping to rile him up. And it works! Bruce Dern shoots at Samuel L Jackson who returns fire and wins the gunfight.

A Space Odyssey () - IMDb

Pretty cool trick. But if you brag about having sex with their Mom and you take one punch from him, then you and your friends have free reign to kick the crap out of him for hours. Every time Daisy Domergue called Samuel Jackson the N-word and got smacked in the face, the theater started roaring with laughter. After hearing Daisy out, he decides to ultimately reject her and climb into bed with Samuel Jackson. That was about rejecting lawlessness and nihilism. I thought it was great to see two men from opposite sides of the civil war teaming up together to honor a third man, their friend, who believed in law and order.

Anyway, to me feminism means treating everyone equally. To paraphrase Mathew Macanahay, imagine how the movie would change if Daisy was a man. In conclusion, I really like this movie and how it used western tropes to explore larger themes. I saw the 3 hour 70mm print, but given the lack of mountains you could probably do with seeing the regular theatrical version.

Action Adventure Comics, Vol 1, Surprise Adventures, Mystery, Golden Age DVD D44

I remember I once met a 50 year old woman on the bus who was very proud of her red fedora and how taboo it was to be wearing something so vibrant on her head. She was so proud that she joined a red hat club where she and her old lady friends commiserated over how naughty they were being. What was she talking about!? Why did this mean so much to her? Did she just step out of a cave? Welp, here I am.

DVD 154 SCIENCE FICTION SPACE COMIC BOOKS Lot 2 Planet Comics Tom Corbett Sci Fi

Yeah, I know you just saw a thousand breasts on Game of Thrones. You might think Asians are a minority so of course most shows will be about white people. There have literally been sitcoms over the course of history of television. But the real breakout in my opinion is Constance Wu as the Mom, Jessica. A lot of the best episodes are about Jessica trying to work her way into a white suburban housewife clique but never quite feeling like she belongs. At first they eat lunch together but then Eddie abandons him the second he gains acceptance from the other white kids at school. It was sad but also realistic. After going on TV to promote the Steakhouse, joking around with the newscasters and doing some funny duck voices Louis comes home and Jessica mentions Long Duk Dong.

The mere mention of his name, like Voldemort, brings up so many feelings of insecurity, judgement, and fear for Louis he has to cover his ears in denial before Jessica can even spit out the second syllable. In real life his Dad punched his Mom in the neck and Eddie had to hide in the closet and call the cops. This is all to say there is no one single Taiwanese accept in my opinion. I think what makes these types of criticisms stick is that a lot of Asians hate other types of Asians. Also everybody hates the Japanese. But whatever. Why squabble over these old tribal conflicts.

If you notice all these complaints about the show are coming from other Asians. And even if we do get our act together, the truth of it is every Asian in the country could watch the show it could still get cancelled. So I hope white people like the show too. Due to increasing criticism from anonymous twitter people, the authors decided to end the series a mere 2 weeks after its debut.

The first is the subject of cultural appropriation in comics. America is a melting pot of hundreds of different cultures. Can you seriously make a case that American pop culture would be richer if white people are only allowed to write about white people and Asians are only allowed to write about Asians?

If you get twitter people criticizing you, just send them a link to this post. Another issue that this controversy brought up is the subject of internet bullying of cartoonists. Not only is that Ad Hominem. In my opinion, it veers into bullying territory. Some of the best cartoonists I know are thin skinned, sensitive and take criticism really personally.